Connect OneNote

This article describes how to connect your OneNote account to your TaskClone account 

Note: At this time, TaskClone supports OneNote Personal accounts that use OneDrive for storage. We intend to support Business and Enterprise accounts once Microsoft's Graph project unifies their connection methods.

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Initial Setup

Once you signup for TaskClone you will immediately be taken to Step 1 to authorize your source app.

Click the OneNote icon

You should be redirected to sign in to your Microsoft account. 

Once connected, you'll be prompted to connect your Destination app.  Click here for help connecting your Destination app.

After Initial Setup

Login to the your TaskClone Dashboard and click the "Reconnect Button" in the OneNote section.


Note: If you ever need to revoke TaskClone access to your OneNote account, you can go to Apps & Services in your Microsoft Account and edit TaskClone's permissions.