TaskClone Dashboard Overview

After initial setup, the next time you login to TaskClone, you will be directed to your TaskClone Dashboard.  You can change all TaskClone settings from this page.

Top Menu

  • Upgrade.  Use this link to view all subscription plans and upgrade our account
  • Logout.  Use this link to logout of TaskClone

Dashboard Section Menu

  • Task App.  Change all destination settings including destination app, destination email and trigger tag.  You can also change advance settings like note link type.  You can use the Destination Status Check under task app settings to quickly see if your setup will work.
  • Evernote. Connect or disconnect your Evernote account.  You can also change any Evernote Business settings
  • OneNote. Connect your OneNote account.
  • Calendar. Connect your Google Account.  You can also change settings regarding use of Evernote Reminders with calendars.
  • Account Info. See your current plan details as well as change your email and password.
  • Account Activity.  See how many tasks and events TaskClone has processed for you.