Connect Google Calendar and others

Connect your calendar to easily send events without ever leaving your note-taking app.

Note: You can always connect your calendar, but after the free trial, creating events is available only on Premium and Business Plans

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Connect your Google Account

Note: You can now connect Google Calendar during initial setup by selecting "Google Calendar" or "Calendar".  You can also connect after initial setup as shown below.

Access Calendar Settings.  Login to  TaskClone, click "Calendar" Settings and then click "Connect Google".

Authorize TaskClone.  Click "Allow" button to authorize TaskClone to add events to your calendar.  Be sure you are logged in to the correct Google account.

[Optional] Evernote Reminders.  Once connected to Google, Evernote users will be returned to TaskClone to select whether TaskClone will create calendar events from Evernote Reminders. The default is "Yes".

Using Outlook, Apple and other calendars

For now, we only directly connect with Google Calendar.  The primary reason is Google has the only calendar API that converts natural language into calendar events (e.g. Call Bob on Tuesday at 1pm).  However, there are many free resources to sync Google Calendar with other calendars.

Calendar Resources


Creating events once connected

Please see one of the following:












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