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This article describes how to connect your Evernote account to your TaskClone account 

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Initial Setup

Once you signup for TaskClone you will immediately be taken to Step 1 to authorize your source app.

Click the Evernote icon

Click the Authorize button. 

Note: You can change the duration of the authorization before you authorize and you can also revoke the authorization at any time from your TaskClone Dashboard.

Once connected, you'll be prompted to connect your Destination app.  Click here for help connecting your Destination app.

Reconnecting Evernote

See  Reconnecting Evernote.

Note: If you ever need to revoke TaskClone access to your Evernote account, you can go to Evernote Settings:Applications and revoke any instance you see of TaskClone in the Applications list

Evernote Business Considerations

See  How to use TaskClone with Evernote Business.











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