No tasks sent, but Skip Codes visible

The good news.  If you see Skip Codes next to tasks, it means you have used TaskClone correctly and the tasks have been processed.  You can even check this by temporarily adding your personal email address as the Destination Email address and then see if new tasks are sent to you.

The bad news is the tasks didn't reach your desired destination which happens for 4 primary reasons:

  1. Wrong Destination email.  In most cases, clients a) miss a "." in the middle of an email address, b) forget to remove extra characters (e.g. inbox<>) or c) they add their name (e.g. instead of the generic, but correct, "".
  2. Unregistered Sender.  TaskClone sends your tasks via email from an account associated with your TaskClone ID (e.g.  Some apps require you register this address with them or they will reject our emails (i.e. Wunderlist, Todoist, Asana).  Check that you correctly registered your TaskClone Email address with the app.  You can find this email address under Account Information in TaskClone Settings.
  3. Evernote Task List id missing. If you're attempting to send tasks from Evernote to a Task List within Evernote, there is likely a problem with the receiving note.  Try creating a new note from TaskClone settings or just contact us for help.
  4. First line of text is a task.  For some reason and on only in some notes, having a task on the first line of the note causes problems where not all tasks are cloned.  Simply add a line of text before any tasks and that should fix it.

Note: To resend any tasks, wait at least 2 minutes since last sync, then remove the skip codes, add your trigger tag and sync.