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What is the Skip Code?

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2014 01:05AM PDT
The Skip Code prevents duplicate tasks.  TaskClone needs a way to ensure that once it clones a task, that task is not cloned again.  Otherwise, every time you sync Evernote, a new copy of the same task would show up in your task list (not fun!).

To prevent this, TaskClone creates a "Skip Code" that is added at the front of any task that has already been cloned.  This serves two purposes:
  1. It is visual confirmation to you that the clone was successful.
  2. It alerts TaskClone to "skip" that task on future syncs.
NOTE: When you first sync a note with tasks in it, TaskClone adds the Skip Code to your note on Evernote's servers, but you may not see it because the modified note is on Evernote's servers and not yet on your computer.  When you sync again, the modified note is brought from Evernote's servers to your client (e.g. desktop client, tablet).  See Avoiding Conflicts to learn more about this process.

The Skip Code will appear as below.


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