Evernote to Todoist Integration - Setup and Use

IMPORTANT: We now connect to Todoist in two ways: Direct vs. Email.  

  • Direct setup is easier to setup and does not require Todoist Premium.  Initial setup uses this process.
  • Email setup takes a few extra minutes and requires Todoist Premium, but then allows you to add due dates, labels and priorities to your tasks.  

The instructions below cover both, but focus on Email setup.  Direct setup is similar, but several steps are not needed because you will login to Todoist to connect. You can always change your setup method later. 

TaskClone's Todoist integration takes about 5 minutes to set up and then never look back.

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Setup Steps (screenshots)

Note: To speed setup, open your Evernote, Email and Todoist accounts in your browser.

Click the "Verify Email" link we send to your email when you signup.


Click your source app (i.e. Evernote).

Authorize TaskClone to access your Evernote account. 

On initial setup, select Todoist (direct) as the Todoist (email) option is not available on initial setup.  Click the "Connect" button that appears and you will be prompted to authorize TaskClone to connect to your Todoist account.   Be sure pop-up windows are enabled so you see the authorization window.  Once authorized, jump to  step 6 below.  
After initial setup, you have the option to select Todoist (email).  If you select Todoist (email) continue with this step.

If you selected Todoist (email), enter Todoist email as destination.  After selecting "Todoist", you'll be prompted to enter a Destination Email which we will find in Todoist.
A. In Todoist, open the project where you want TaskClone to send tasks (e.g. Inbox) and select "Email tasks to this project" from the settings menu.

B. Copy the Todoist email address that displays.

C. Paste that email into the Destination Email field in TaskClone and click "Save & Continue".

Important: Be sure to remove any extra text and brackets from the email address (see example below).


Once setup, be sure to follow the simple steps to  clone tasks.

Setup Steps (video)

Note: Todoist has removed the step that requires you to register an email with them, but it's still included in the video. Well make a new video soon.

Using Todoist Special Features

TaskClone turns tasks you type in Evernote into emails sent to your task app.  Todoist can read the email subject to add details to your task.

  • Add labels like "@shopping".
  • Add priorities by like "!!1" or "!!2" or "!!3"
  • Add due dates like ""<date tomorrow> or recurring like "<date every day>".


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