What is the Skip Code?

The Skip Code prevents duplicate tasks.  
TaskClone needs a way to ensure that once it clones a task, that task is not cloned again.  Otherwise, every time you sync Evernote, a new copy of the same task would show up in your task list (not fun!).
To prevent this, TaskClone creates a "Skip Code" of  |TC| that is added at the front of any task that has already been cloned.  This serves two purposes:
  1. Confirmation to you that the clone process was successful.
  2. Alerts TaskClone to "skip" that task on future syncs.
Note: When you first sync, TaskClone adds the Skip Codes to the version of your note on Evernote's servers. You will not see this version on your device until your device syncs again with Evernote. You must not edit the note until this second sync occurs or Evernote will be confused which version is correct causing a note conflict.

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