OneNote Beta

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a beta!  

  • We have worked hard to eliminate bugs, but the role of beta testing is to help us find and fix any remaining bugs or imperfections.  
  • We expect our beta testers to share their experiences with us via short surveys during the testing period so we can improve.
  • We have only limited instructions at this time so you may need to access our wonderful email support for specific questions.
  • For now TaskClone can access Consumer notebooks only, not Enterprise notebooks.

Basics.  To function, TaskClone needs a Source (e.g. Evernote or OneNote) and a Destination (e.g. Todoist or Wunderlist).  TaskClone is designed to work seamlessly to send from either Source to any Destination.  If you're an existing client and already have destinations configured, you just need to add OneNote as an additional Source.

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Connecting OneNote - Existing TaskClone Clients

Email us at with your account number, which are the numbers in your "TaskClone Email" which you can find in the Account Information section of your TaskClone Settings.

Within 24 hours, if we are still accepting participants, we'll activate the OneNote beta on your account and send you an email to confirm.
Once you receive our confirmation, login to TaskClone and click the "OneNote" section that will now be visible. Click the blue "Reconnect OneNote" button to login to OneNote.

Once you sign in to OneNote, you're connected and will be returned to TaskClone Settings. Assuming you already have a Destination configured, you can move on to  usage instructions or change your Destination settings.

Connecting OneNote - New TaskClone Clients

Click the "Get Started" button and complete the normal signup form at

You'll receive an email requesting you "Verify Your Email for TaskClone", but DO NOT verify your email yet. First, forward the email to us at and request to be added to our OneNote beta. 

Within 24 hours, if we are still accepting participants, we'll activate the OneNote beta on your account and reply to confirm.
Once you receive our confirmation, click the Verify Email button in the original email and you will automatically be logged into Step 1 of the Quick Start Setup process where you can click the OneNote icon to connect OneNote to your TaskClone account.

Once you sign in to OneNote, you're connected and will be returned to Step 2 of the setup process to select your Destination.  To setup your Destination, simply select an app and follow the prompts.  Destination setup is identical for Evernote or OneNote, so you can use the setup articles linked from our  List of Supported Apps.  Be sure to come back to this article for usage instructions.

Using TaskClone with OneNote

Please see our new category on Using OneNote.







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