No tasks, No Skip Codes

Troubleshooting TaskClone: No Tasks Received and No Skip Codes

Note: This article applies only to cloning individual tasks not, note titles which don't use Skip Codes.

We know this can be frustrating, but it is likely a very simple fix.  Please take < 5 minutes to check the following:

  1. Tasks confused with note title.  TaskClone is only notified by Evernote of notes with unchecked checkboxes in them.  Sometimes, we are not notified if these checkboxes are on the first line of text of the note.  Evernote may mistake them for the note title.  To be sure, have a title, some text under the title and then each task on a separate line beginning with a checkbox.
  2. Wrong or no trigger tag.  Per our instructions, you must initiate the cloning process by adding a trigger tag to the note and syncing Evernote.  Sometimes the tag is forgotten or misspelled.
  3. Trigger tag inactive.  Login to TaskClone:Task App settings and check the status of the trigger tag.  If the tag "Inactive", this means the id for that tag did not get stored.  Delete the tag from Evernote and go back to TaskClone, refresh your browser and click the "Create tag" link to create it again.  After you save settings and refresh your browser, the tag status should indicate "Active".
  4. Evernote authorization inactive.  Login to TaskClone:Evernote settings and check the status of your Evernote connection.
  5. Incompatible plan type.  Login to TaskClone:Account Info settings to check your plan type and then see our Plan comparison chart to ensure you plan is compatible with the features you're trying to use.
  6. Note Title or Reminders processed.  TaskClone can also clone note title and note Reminders. If you have set the note to process the note title or Reminder, it will not process individual tasks from the notes.   This includes notes with the tag "noteclone", Reminders or notes placed in a notebook named "taskclone".

Note: The issues above represent 95% of those that occur.  If these don't apply to your situation, please contact us for help. We'll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

Google Calendar tips:
  1. Check that TaskClone has been authorized to access your Google account (see instructions).
  2. Check that you've entered "sch:" or "sch+:" before items you want sent to Google Calendar (see instructions).
  3. Check for the event in the week prior or after you expect after refreshing your calendar.

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